Ancient Roman Puppies

May 3, 2015
All tri-color 

One week
May 10, 2015


Two weeks
May 17, 2015

They all open their eyes. They start to mouth each other and walk around. They see, smell, hear, touch, and taste.

Lucina - White long strip on head
Juno - White short strip on top head
Vesta - Black muzzle
Apollo - White strip on top head
Mars - Brown spot on top head


Three weeks
May 24, 2015

What are the puppies doing now?

                    ~ Playing with each other
                    ~ Chewing toys
                    ~ Woofing/Ruffing
                    ~ Growling
                    ~ Tasting first meal
                    ~ Exploring new things

I will move them to large ex-pen in the kitchen this week. 



Four weeks
May 31, 2015

Lucina                                   Juno                                 Vesta                                    Apollo                                Mars

Five weeks
June 7, 2013


Six Weeks
June 14, 2015

DSC 0160DSC 0188
DSC_0162DSC 0156DSC 0184DSC_0183

Seven Weeks
June 28, 2015


                                                                          Eight Weeks

                                                                            July 5, 2015

On the Fourth of July, we had BBQ and ran to catch puppies. I wanted them to wear the American bandanas. It was not easy but it was so funny. We all had a lot of laughters how they tried to take it off and put them on again! It was difficult to take pictures of all of my kids and puppies. My kids were so crabby, fooled around and chatted too much. I tried to do my best to make them to smile and face to my Nikon camera. My husband Kevin and the kids left for firework while I stayed home with all Cotons and puppies. They were doing fine. 

DSC 0220DSC 0210DSC 0232DSC 0231DSC 0230DSC 0229DSC 0240DSC 0248

Puppy Owners/Families: Thank you so much for giving our puppies wonderful and forever homes. Good Bye, Lucina, Juno, Vesta, Apollo and Mars! We miss you all. ~The Kwiecinski family

Zooey (aka Lucina) Living in IL

Juno (aka Juno) Living in CO

Vesta Sprigg (aka Vesta) Living in KS

Junie (aka Apollo) Living in IL 

Tigger (aka Mars) Living in AZ

                        10 weeks old~ July 12, 2015

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