4-6 Weeks Old

                                                          Four weeks~ May 7th

I move the puppies to the ex-pen in the kitchen where there is a lot of nosies. They seem confused in new area and explore a little bit.. 

This is Chain of Hearts Coco. She is playful and wags her tail happily. She seems so sweet.   

This is “Black” Cherry. He still likes to explore more and seems so gentle. 

 This is Momo. He is cautious and would like to be cuddled by owner.              

This is Appel. He just loves everything. He eats a lot and loves playtime.  

‘This is Mango. He just plays with all of his brothers and little sister. 


                                                   Five weeks~ May 14th


                                                    Almost Six weeks~ May 20th

                               Backyard Fun and the Puppy Party       

Isabella and her three college friends, Steve and his family (they reserve one of males, Thank you for coming to my Puppy Party. And thanks again for socializing and training my puppies. WE HAD A LOT OF FUN!!!! The Puppy Party is the best and never boring!!!


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