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     Although the site is named “Crunchy Cookie Cotons” my husband Kevin and I are more dog lovers than we are cookie bakers. Our family consists of our four beloved children: Jackie, Isabella, Peter, and Wesley. In 2008, our first Coton, Toby, joined the family. Two and a half years later, we added another beautiful black and white female coton puppy, whom we named Cae.

Cae and Toby - November 2013

    We had wanted a dog long before Toby had even joined us, but it wasn’t wise to have one, as we found out during their childhood that Isabella and Wesley had asthma and allergies. And yet, I had never thought about a hypo-allergenic dog before. (Hypo-allergenic dogs are not allergy-free, but they have reduced irritants.) I began to research the different breeds there were, but I still decided to wait a little longer before getting a dog. It would give Isabella time to reduce her allergic reactions. I thought that the Coton de Tuléar was the best fit for us for a lot of different reasons (good health, small enough to fit in the house, those cute little brown eyes, and those funny “handlebar mustaches”). If you have suffered allergies but want to consider a canine friend, I recommend you visit a Coton breeder at home before obtaining one to see if it is right for you, as we did.

    Now it has been ten years since we first got Toby, and Isabella and I enjoy cutting and baking dog treats, always shaped like dog bones (because Isabella says so!). We have lots of fun working together, and the dogs might go crazy at first, but they will wait their turn for treats.

     A few years later, we added another dog, Moka. Then we added Missy, from Cae’s first litter. We love all of our dogs, and we hope that you will too.

Thank you for visiting Crunchy Cookie Cotons.

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Toby, Cae, Missy, and Moka - 2014

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